About Us

Brand 'Shop@DVIJA' is founded by two sisters - Megha Salvi & Veena Salvi, who are two worlds apart... If one is cool & calm like a deep Sea, the other one is dynamic & full of energy like a flowing River. They have different professional backgrounds too.

Megha is highly creative. She  is a Commercial Artist by  qualification & has worked  as a Senior Manager in  Visual & User Interface Design at Tata Interactive Systems which had been a pioneer in E-Learning Domain and she had a very long rewarding career with the Tata Enterprise.

And Veena is highly technical. She is an Engineer by qualification & has worked as a Vice-President at J. P. Morgan which is a well-known Global Investment Bank. She has also worked with other well known firms like Credit Suisse Bank (Swiss Bank), Citibank and Oracle as Software Engineer in the past.
But inspite of having diverse career backgrounds, both sisters have one thing in common and that is, their love for Sarees. Being Indian Women they can carry sarees better than any other dress. They feel most comfortable in Sarees as it feels like their own skin. When they step out in sarees, they surely make heads turn. 
But what is most notable is their knowledge & passion about handloom sarees. They can identify real handloom fabric just by touching it. They are like bees… who can easily differentiate between a real and artificial flower. But this knowledge is not acquired just by sitting at home. They have travelled the length and the breadth of the country in search of handloom sarees. They often meet weavers in the remote villages and try to understand how the fabrics are woven.  Being an artist, Meg is drawn more by the colours, textures & pattern of the fabrics whereas Veenz, being a technology person, is more fascinated by the age-old weaving technique & craftsmanship used by the weavers without the need of using power or computers. This passion for handloom sarees has made them very popular amongst their friends and colleagues who often approach them for tips and suggestions. For them it took some courage to let go their 6-figure monthly salaries when they decided to convert this passion into a full blown career. Only when you see their creative work, you will know why that was a right decision. You will agree why friends lovingly call them the ‘Saree Goddesses’.
So if you are a saree lover too, then just follow them on instagram handle @dvija_sarees and be ready to dive into their world of Sarees.
About Shop@DVIJA Brand:
Shop@DVIJA is a brand owned by Kaazwas Lifestyles Private Limited. Our GST number is 27AAICK8873G1ZZ. We are located in Mumbai. Read more in Contact Us.