Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)
Kesariya (SAREE)

Embroidered Linen Saree

Kesariya (SAREE)

Regular price Rs. 7,950 Sale price Rs. 3,180

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Country of Origin: India
Sold By: Dvija


  • Type: Embroidery
  • Material: Linen
  • Texture: Soft
  • Colour: Orange
  • Blouse piece: Yes (Silver Raw Silk) - 0.8m
  • Length: 5.5m
  • Height: 44 inches
  • Washing Instructions: First time dry cleaning is required. Later hand wash only. No machine washing.
  • Note:  Our sarees are sourced directly from the manufacturers and no middle men are involved and hence we can give the advantage of less price directly to our customers. You can buy these sarees at half the price with no compromise on the quality.

About Fabric

Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. These fibers are carefully extracted, spun into yarn, and then woven into long sheets of comfortable, durable fabric called linen fabric. Linen is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. Because of these properties, linen is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments. Sarees made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness. But on the contrary, it also keeps you warm in winters. It is truely an all-season saree which can be worn throughout the year. 

About Craft

In weaving the fabric’s uniqueness lies in the very complex process of making it. The design of the saree is all in the creative minds of the weaver. The loom is operated without any electricity with the perfect co-ordination of hands and feet of the weaver. As the fabric is being woven, the weavers weave motifs into the pallu, border or body of the saree. The more intricate the design, more is the price of the masterpiece. The setting up of the loom itself takes 1 month and the actual weaving takes 2-3 months. In single setup only 30-40 sarees are woven. The efforts of the weaver and the time taken to make each saree determines it's price. But the look of the saree when draped makes it priceless.

We at Shop@DVIJA believe in full Customer Satisfaction & always help our customers as much as we can. But also note that handloom products do have little imperfections unlike machine made products which all look exactly the same. But these imperfections is what proves its authenticity and the beauty of craftsmanship lies in the uniqueness of each product which is entirely hand made by the artisans. It’s like an artist who cannot paint the same picture in exactly the same way every time as it is not humanly possible. Please bear this in mind before deciding to return our products. Also we do not enhance our product images. We shoot all our products in natural light but due to your device screen resolutions the products may look different from one device to another leading to slight differences in colour and brightness.

Please read the below policy in detail. When you place an order with us it is understood that you have read and agreed to the policy mentioned below.


For more details about the return policy please read below:


Can I return the product if I don’t like it?

Yes (except in case of International Orders for all products). With our unique Policy (which not many clothing brands provide) if you don't like our product, you can return/exchange it. But do read the conditions of return below.


What are the conditions of return? 

  • If you are based in India, you can return the product, if you don’t like it. For international orders there is no return/exchange applicable for all products.
  • Blouses can be exchanged for SIZES ONLY in the same design. Also this will be done only once per product. In case the desired size is not available then customer needs to get the blouse altered at the local tailor.
  • In case of Prepaid orders, Refund can be done to the original mode of payment or store credit as per customer's wish. If you choose store credit we give you entire product amount. In case you choose 'Refund to Original Mode of Payment' option, Rs. 200 per product will be deducted towards processing fees.
  • In case of Cash on Delivery, Refund can be done only in the form of store credit.
  • We refund only the product price. Shipping/COD charges (if any) will NOT be refunded.
  • In case of Exchange no deductions are made other than shipping charges
  • Refunds not applicable on items purchased in BOGO (Buy one Get one type) offer or combo offer or clearance sales. Only Exchange or Store Credit is applicable. This applies to all products in the offer. 
  • Returns or Exchanges not applicable on already exchanged products.
  • If order contains free gift then in case of return, the free gift also needs to be returned.
  • Items purchased with Store credit can only be exchanged or store credited.  Store credits cannot be encashed.



How the refund amount is calculated?

If you purchase product of Rs. 1000 and pay Rs. 100 as shipping charges then total order value is 1100.  Then following would be the refund amounts for various options chosen:

Refund to Original mode of payment or UPI = 1100 (order value) - 100 (shipping) - 200 (return processing fees) = 800

Refund to Store Credit = 1100 (order value)  - 100 (shipping)  = 1000

Exchange = 1100 (order value) - 100 (shipping) = 1000


How to use Store Credit for Shopping? 

Store Credits are given in the form of discount code on emails. Apply the code at the time of checkout to avail the discount. Store Credits are valid for 3 months from the date of issue and can be applied only once. Shop for equal or greater amount as balance amount of store credit (if any) cannot be used for second shopping.


In case of Prepaid order, What will be the mode of refund?

In case of prepaid orders the refund happens to the original mode of payment via the payment gateway and the gateway handles it in safe manner. Hence customer is not required to provide any account details.


In case of COD order, how the refund would be given?

In case of COD orders, customer pays via cash to the courier company and hence we cannot refund to the customer's account. Refund will be done only in the form of store credit. Refund to account is done only in case of Prepaid orders.


Can I exchange the product with another product? 

Yes we can provide exchange on the product with another product or products of your choice (provided it is available in our stock). In case of blouses exchange is possible only for size in same design. The total value of the replacement should be equal or more than the value of the original product. Please note exchange can be done ONLY ONCE. More than one exchanges on same original order are NOT permitted. 


Can I return/exchange my order partially? For eg. If I don't like one product out of the 3 products I purchased, can I return/exchange just one? 
Yes. Partial returns/exchanges are accepted. Please note if the product is part of a BOGO sale or combo offer or clearance sale then only store credit or exchange is possible.


How to send the product back?

We have the facility to pickup shipment from customer. But customer can also choose to send the parcel by themselves at the address provided by us. But prior to sending the courier please make sure that the return request is placed and you get required approvals from us. We will not accept the shipment if there is no valid and approved return request in place. Also in certain cases if pickup is not possible in your area due to some restrictions or issue with our courier partner then in that case you need to ship the product back to us at your own cost. 


What is the step-by-step return process?
• Once you receive the product, if you don’t like it please do not remove any of the tags attached to it. Submit request for return/exchange within 2 days of receiving the order. Returns are NOT accepted 2 days after the delivery. Fill up our return/exchange request form here:

• We will review your request and will send you approval/rejection for the same as the case may apply. Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving approval from us, we will not be able to process such requests. We will not accept returns if the product is directly sent to us without our approval. Please keep all tags, contents of the package (including free gifts, if any) intact as received. We do not accept the product back if the tag is detached or if anything is missing from the original parcel. 
• We will arrange for Return Pickup within 2-3 days. You need to ensure that you are available when the delivery boy comes at your doorstep. The pickup time cannot be adjusted as per customer availability. If the delivery boy is not allowed by your security to enter your premises then you need to meet him outside the premises. Please co-ordinate with the delivery boy when he calls at your number.  

• We will make ONLY ONE attempt at pickup. If you miss the pickup or if your pincode does not have the return pickup facility then you need to send us the product back by any courier agent of your choice at your own cost. The product should reach us within 10 days of your request approval. Products received after 10 days will not be accepted. 

• At the time of pickup please request for the pickup slip/acknowledgement. As we ship through third party courier service this slip serves as a proof that pickup was successfully done. If the courier agent is not ready to provide the slip then do not hand over the product to him.

• At the time of pickup it is customer's responsibility to hand over the correct product to the courier agent. The courier agent is not an employee of DVIJA and hence would not know if the product given is correct or not. If we receive incorrect product, customer will have to bear the charges for the shipping back of the incorrect product as well as the second pickup charges. 

• Once the parcel is picked it takes at least 7-10 days to receive the parcel at our hub after which it goes through quality checks. We verify its contents and tags. If it does not match our standards, then the same product will be shipped back (within India only) and no refund/exchange will be processed. If everything is intact we will process the refund within 10 business days from the date of receiving the parcel by us at our hub. In case of prepaid orders, Refunds can be done either by Store Credit or Original Payment mode or UPI as the case may apply. A fixed amount of Rs. 200 per product will be deducted towards processing fees in case of Refund to Original Mode of Payment or UPI. In case of store credit no amount other than shipping charges would be deducted. In case of cash on delivery, refund will be done only in the form of store credit. 

• If you have chosen for exchange and the price of the new product is higher than the returned product than the difference needs to be paid by the customer. Instructions to pay will be sent to customer separately. 

• All communication at various stages of the return process will be done via emails. Please check your spam folder in case you don't find our emails.


Apart from condition reserved herein above, the following products shall not be eligible for return, viz: 

  • Any product that exhibits physical damage to the product by the customer. 
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and tag (including free gifts, if any). 
  • Any product that is altered, for example fall and edging done to the saree by customer or by us on customer's request.
  • Any product that is used (and not just tried) or washed.  
  • Any product that is not complete, for example saree that is returned without attached blouse (if specified in saree description).


I placed my order by mistake. Can I cancel it? How? 
You can cancel your order within 24 hrs of placing the order, by calling us know on +91 9821511512 or email at or WhatsApp on +91 9326755012. No cancellations on sarees with 'Fall & Edging' Requests. No cancellation after order is shipped. 


Please note Gift Cards cannot be cashed out, cancelled, refunded or transferred. Products purchased with Gift Cards can be exchanged only.

  • Colours of the actual product may vary slightly as compared to images on website due to following reasons:
    • Lighting effects
    • Digital camera photography
    • Your electronic device screen configurations
    • We have tried our best to maintain same colours and hence we shoot most of our sarees outdoor to take advantage of natural light

    • Most of our sarees are work of hand and hence may not be same all over as no machines are involved here. But these little differences is what makes the fabric more beautiful and proves that it is work of hand. You may see variation in terms of colours in case of block printed fabric as amount of pressure applied may vary from one part of the fabric to another. Similarly in case of some fabric you may see overlapping threads wherever the design pattern changes. But these little imperfections gives the fabric it’s unique look and proves the authenticity of the handiwork of the artisans. Those of you who buy these fabrics regularly, are usually well aware of these differences and like those too.
    • There are several varieties of cotton fabric varying from soft to crisp, smooth to rough, thin to thick. Each state in India has different form of Cotton and hence all cotton sarees may not be same in terms of texture and thickness.
    • Most of our products are made from Natural Fibres. Unlike synthetic fibres these tend to leave colour. Rough washing may fade the colour.
    • Check the washing instructions in the product descriptions as few of the products may require Dry Cleaning or Hand washing only.
    • 'Preordered' items which are made-on-order need at least 2-3 weeks for dispatch. Preordered items cannot be cancelled once order is placed. 

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