Screen Printed Mulmul Saree
Bouquet of Hearts
Bouquet of Hearts
Bouquet of Hearts
Bouquet of Hearts
Bouquet of Hearts
Bouquet of Hearts
Bouquet of Hearts
Bouquet of Hearts

Screen Printed Mulmul Saree

Bouquet of Hearts


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  • Type: Screen Printed
  • Material: Mul or Mulmul
  • Texture: Ultra Soft
  • Colour: Pink with Off-White Hearts
  • Blouse piece: No
  • Length: 6 metres
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash only. No brushing. In case of stains brush that particular area only. Soak in salt water for some time and then wash with clothes shampoo. Leave it to dry in open air.

About Fabric

Mulmul or Mul is a soft and fine weave of cotton, that was first made by Bengali weavers many hundred years ago. High-quality Mulmul was so lightweight and delicate that it was sometimes referred to as the “Woven Wind” by the British Raj. It was not as readily available in the beginning as it is today and was originally exclusively available to Indian royalty as the trade of Mulmul flourished under the Mughal rule. This lightweight, super soft and breathable cotton fabric is great for summer, particularly harsh Indian summers, since it readily absorbs moisture and keeps the wearer cool. Its best quality is that it gets softer with every wash unlike any other fabric. Along with its rich history, it is these qualities that made us choose this wonderful fabric for our latest collections. The next time you purchase one of our pieces from our “Woven Wind” collection feel the beautiful fabric and you’ll thank the Bengali weavers from ages ago, who first created this splendid cotton weave. 

About Craft

The weaving of mulmul fabric is a very complicated process. The yarn thread is so thin and fine that the fabric tears off if too much pressure is applied and thus leading to loss of fabric. That's why pure hand woven mulmul is always very expensive but also very comfortable to carry. We have also added matching tassels to make the saree look very attractive. 

About Theme

This collection is based on the theme of Love and Romance. The fabric is printed with cute little hearts all over the body of the saree and matching tassels on the pallu. These are made with a magic fabric of Mulmul that is as tender as your lover’s embrace. Drape these mulmul sarees to make him and yourself, both fall in love with you.

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What is the step-by-step return process?
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• Any product that is used (and not just tried) or washed.  
• Any product that is not complete, for example saree that is returned without attached blouse (if specified in saree description).


I placed my order by mistake. Can I cancel it? How? 
You can cancel your order within 24 hrs of placing the order, by letting us know on 8104228297 or or you can cancel it yourself by logging into your account. No cancellations on sarees with 'Fall & Edging' Requests. No cancellation after order is shipped.


Please note Gift Cards cannot be cashed out, cancelled, refunded or transferred. Products purchased with Gift Cards can be exchanged only.

  • Colours of the actual product may vary slightly as compared to images on website due to following reasons:
    • Lighting effects
    • Digital camera photography
    • Your electronic device screen configurations

      We have tried our best to maintain same colours and hence we shoot most of our sarees outdoor to take advantage of natural light

    • Most of our sarees are work of hand and hence may not be same all over as no machines are involved here. But these little differences is what makes the fabric more beautiful and proves that it is work of hand. You may see variation in terms of colours in case of block printed fabric as amount of pressure applied may vary from one part of the fabric to another. Similarly in case of some fabric you may see overlapping threads wherever the design pattern changes. But these little imperfections gives the fabric it’s unique look and proves the authenticity of the handiwork of the artisans. Those of you who buy these fabrics regularly, are usually well aware of these differences and like those too.
    • There are several varieties of cotton fabric varying from soft to crisp, smooth to rough, thin to thick. Each state in India has different form of Cotton and hence all cotton sarees may not be same in terms of texture and thickness.
    • Most of our products are made from Natural Fibres. Unlike synthetic fibres these tend to leave colour. Rough washing may fade the colour.
    • Hand crafted Dvija Store Sarees should NOT be washed at home. Dry clean only.