Dvija Diva Loyalty Program

Our biggest achievement is that we have as many returning customers as new customers. Customers coming back again and again is a good sign. That gives us the confidence to propel further. Also it brings smiles to the faces of all the people who work for Dvija directly or indirectly. It not only gets food on their plates but also gets recognition for their hard work. As a token of gratitude, on behalf of all of us, we have started a “Dvija Diva Loyalty Program” for our repeating customers. And guess what!!! The membership is absolutely FREE!!! Read further to know the details…



Customer needs to make just two purchases of any amount (however small) from us to be eligible for this program and start reaping benefits from the third purchase.



  • Customer gets 10% off on each order.
  • No minimum purchase amount criteria to get the discount.
  • Discount can be applied to any product from any collection…including our bestselling designs and new arrivals.
  • There is no membership fee to be paid. It’s absolutely FREE!
  • Membership is Lifetime. No headache of annual renewals.



Offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer 


How to register?

Once you have made at least two purchases from us, register for membership using below form and we will send you a Membership Code which you can use for getting the discounts from your next order.

          Registration Form



*Final decision is with Team Dvija. Terms & conditions of the program can be changed anytime without prior notice.