Bramhaand (ie Universe) is full of surprises. It has no beginning no end. We humans don’t know what caused it or what’s beyond it. But it’s a beautiful creation of God. There are zillions of stars and galaxies strewed all across it like little specks of lights moving in endless loop. And it’s not just black & white like what we see from our earth. It has many beautiful colours, probably yet to be named by mankind. We thought we should bring this into our creative work. In pitch darkness if you look up in the sky at night you will see the milky way running through the centre accompanied by many stars within and outside the milky way. Similarly, these gorgeous Muslin Silk Sarees have a golden or silver band at the center and are dotted with sequins that shine brilliantly like stars all over the saree. Draping these beautiful sarees feels like draping the cosmos and will make you look beautiful like a Miss Universe.